Jack Cole Gives Us A Break from The Burger for Subway and McGarry Bowen.

Subway Goes After McDonald's In Burger Boredom Ads
- Ad Age, Jessica Wohl, September 21st, 2018

Wendy's is already pounding away at McDonald's in its commercials. Now new ads for Subway, directed by Jack Cole of Chelsea Pictures, are using characters who look a lot like Ronald McDonald and his purple friend Grimace apparently stepping out on their own chain.

"Consumers just get in habits and they go and have burgers," says Subway Chief Advertising Officer Chris Carroll. "Every now and then you might want to consider breaking the habit and going to Subway. That's really the whole strategy. We're reminding them they have choices."

The latest commercials, filmed on location in Miami and showcasing Cole's knack for quirky, off-center comedy, escalate a push that started nearly two weeks ago with ads that mimic the look of McDonald's Golden Arches. In one of the new ads, the Ronald-esque character relaxes in a hammock on a beach, sipping a drink from Subway. A Subway steak sandwich rests on a table by his side.

In another, the Grimace doppelganger strolls the beach with a metal detector before Ronald's lookalike appears. "We could all use a break from the burger," the ads conclude.

To check out the full article featuring all of Jack's spots, click HERE. Jack Cole's additional clients include Sprint, KFC, Little Caesars and YouTube. To view more of Jack's work, please click HERE.