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Chelsea is a creative production company with offices in New York, Los Angeles and London. We've cultivated a unique and diverse culture comprised of some of the most influential filmmakers from the worlds of advertising, film, tv, and photography.

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Johan Kramer

Johan Kramer is an experimental filmmaker and gifted storyteller who is inspired to tell the stories of those not often heard nor explored. His first feature length film, The Other Final, is a documentary about the world’s two lowest ranked national soccer teams Bhutan and Montserrat.

Johan thought it would be interesting to stage a match between the two on the same day as the World Cup Finals, juxtaposing the big money final teams with those who play for passion, not fame or money, for their national teams. It went on to win awards at international film festivals including Toronto, Berlin and Barcelona and in The Netherlands, it was chosen as the “Best Sports Documentary of All Time”. His documentary, Keeper unravels the mysteries of the goalkeeper and premiered at the Netherlands Film Festival, receiving the prestigious Dutch Film Critics award. The film is an example of what Johan does best; artfully crafting a nuanced and at times humorous psychological search for the motivation and wavering character traits of humans, particularly those whose stories are not often told. Johan embraces all forms of communication that can bring people together be it advertising, photography or film.